Responding to Disclosures on Campus

In 2015, the Province of Ontario unveiled It’s Never Okay and introduced the Sexual Violence and Harassment Action Plan Act, Bill 132, which amends the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities Act. This training is designed to meet that requirement and to provide additional resources to employees to all colleges and universities in Ontario.


  • Adopt a sexual assault policy with clearly stated complaint procedures and response protocols (with student input)
  • Report publicly on incidences, initiatives underway and their effectiveness
  • Make sure that students have information about preventing sexual violence and harassment and are informed of resources and supports
  • Provide effective training and prevention programs and services and supports for survivors available 24/7
  • Training shall include the college’s or university’s process for responding to and addressing incidents and complaints of sexual violence and be made available to all college and university employees (members of the college’s or university’s governing board or council, other senior administrators, faculty, staff and other employees and contractors of the college or university)
  • Appropriately accommodate the needs of students affected by sexual violence.

Bill 132 also amended the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act to include similar requirements.