Responding to Disclosures on Campus

All universities and colleges can model non-judgmental and supportive comments in class, on campus, online and in ways that encourage students to seek support and that help to dispel myths about sexual violence and stereotypes about all social groups.

This training is for all employees of Ontario universities and colleges including faculty, administrative staff, residence, housing and facilities staff, financial services staff, counselling and accessibility support staff and faculty, international student recruiters and support staff, Indigenous services staff and faculty, health and wellness teams, managers, and safety and security personnel.

All have varied roles and responsibilities within the educational institution, as well as previous training and related skills.

All College and University Employees can:

  • listen;
  • be supportive;
  • be non-judgmental about the survivor’s decisions and reactions;
  • refer (accompany) the survivor to the right person who can provide the help they need (the Sexual Assault Support/Advisor, security or counselling services).